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Prep Football Program

Jasper Christian College Football


 What exactly is Jasper Christian College?

Jasper Christian College is a program designed to give unrecruited athletes a platform to display and improve their  skills and pursue football careers at the next level.   Jasper Christian College is NOT a junior college Football program. Jasper Chrisian College is a Prep Football program NCAA non-qualifiers and NCAA qualifiers who want an avenue to continue to play competitive football with the ultimate goal of getting recruited at D1, D2, D3, or NAIA level.  Jasper Christian College will provide SAT/ACT prep and grade replacement (certain circumstances) in order to improve your ability to get recruited. Interested athletes should have played on their high school football team, or 1 year on the college level. 


 At Jasper Christian College athletes should expect to improve knowledge of the game, increase speed, agility and strength, and develop position specific skills. Additionally, athletes will learn important life and study skills, all to become a more attractive college prospect. 


Will I lose any college eligibility if I play at  Jasper Christian College? No, as long as you do not attend college fulltime. You would participate in our program for three months and still have five years to play four years of college football. You would be considered a 2021 college prospect that could enter into college as early as January 2021. If you attend community college fulltime you will need to maintain a 2.5 GPA and will use some of your NCAA eligibility. Jasper Christian College has opened this opportunity up for student athletes immediately out of high school, athletes who spent one year in college and are now enrolled in a community college, and athletes enrolled in Community Colleges to continue their football aspirations.


Our first annual season starts FALL 2020 against Junior Varsity College or Prep football teams.  This will give participating student athletes an opportunity to showcase their skills against college level football players.  We will have at least a 8-game competitive season. (See preliminary 2020 schedule under schedule tab). Interested athletes should email us and attend information sessions in December.



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