There is no more freshmen team.
Parent Night is January 25th
Senior Night is Febuary 5th 
Please remember to help out at the concession stand!
Big Sis/ Lil Sis begins Friday! You will either purchase or make a gift for your sister. We will do this every HOME game only!
All addresses for the places we will go, is listed under "Handouts", as well.
Reminder, you cannot bring your athlete food to the front office before the game. We will feed the girls every away game, except for Santa Fe, Ball, and Friendswood.  
Latest update on scores: 
  2018-2019 Concessions Varsity Athletes/Parent (2) 9th Parent (2) JV Parent (2)
Fri Jan 25  BAYTOWN LEE (PARENT NITE) Ciara AJA Kayelynn
TUES FEB 5  24 SANTA FE (SENIOR NITE) Jade Guice Dani Brylee
    5:00 6:00 7:00
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