The FIN AWARD was created to honor the player or person that made a significant contribution to the Crockett County Volleyball Program.  The purpose of the FIN on a shark is to allow directional movement.  Without fins, the shark can't go in a coherent direction, and they will sink because they cannot control thier movement.  The winners of this award helped the program head in the right direction.  

2013 - Andrew Laman

2014 - Kelsey Robertson

2015 - MeLeah Rodgers

2016 - MeLeah Rodgers

2017 - Ruby Diaz

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2010 Mud Volleyball
2012 Middle School
2013 High School Season
2009 Random State Pix
2010 Alumni Game
2013 High School Season
2009 Random State Pix
2013 High School Season
2013 High School Season

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