•   2012 Soccer Schedule - 2012SoccerSchedule.docx
      •   Uniform Care & Guidelines - Important information for taking care of uniforms
      •   Bryan Soccer-Do's & Don'ts - Reading information for all players of the Bryan High School Soccer Program
      •   Student Travel Release - In the event that a student athlete must travel home with a parent/guardian this form must be filled out and submitted to the team coach 24 hours prior to the trip.
      •   Fun Reading for All Parents - Important reading for all parents. Some of the readings are meant to make you laugh, some are to make you think! Regardless, take it for what it is worth!
      •   Summer Strength and Conditioning Workout - Every athlete wishing to participate in soccer for the 2010-2011 season in encouraged to complete this workout over the summer. Workout log will be collected during the first week of school


Bryan v College Station -- 2/6/18

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Bryan v A&M Consolidated 1/30/18

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The Wizard's Wisdom

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2018 Season - Victory over Consol -2-1
2018 Season
2018 Season
2018 Season
2018 Season
2018 Season
2018 Season
2018 Season
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