Name Position Phone Email
Chad Foster Pembina President  827-2195 
Robert Gudnason Pembina Vice President / Pee Wee Convenor  827-2646 
Patti Hacault Pembina Hills Exc  526-2046/7320 
Shane Norrie LeagueUmpire in Chief   
Sharon Biehn Sport Development Com/Coach Checker   
Erin Rondeau Manitou Rep   
Blaine Boyle AAA U18 Coach  871-5509 
Ryan Borody AAA Bantam Coach   
Darrick Jones AAA Com  535-2130 
JP Pittet Holland Rep/U13 Coach  526-2035 
Tracy Gates Treherne Rep   
Justin Reid Coaches Committee  526-5443 
Donallee Jones Cartwright Rep   
Amy Mangin St Claude Rep   
Lisa Lee Holland U9 Coach   
Kate Fleming Bruxelles U9 Manager/Coach   
Angie & Henning Wubbe Manitou Reps   
Ryan Robidoux Notre Dame Rep   
Corey Anderson Glenboro U11 Coach   
Robert Gudnason Glenboro Rep / U13 Convenor   
Barry Johnson Carberry Contact   
Claire McKay Clearwater Rep / Rookie Convenor   
Patti Hacault Pembina North U15 Coach   


Countdown to
Spring Baseball

(Apr 1, 2011 @ 12:00am)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!


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