Name  POS GRAD Photo
Laila Albert Sprinter/Jumps 2023  
Haley Alexander Distance 2023
Brooke Baker Hurdles 2022  
Hanalee Banks Hurdles 2023  
Anna Bano Throws 2021  
Jasmine Barker Sprinter 2022  
Keneice Bellard Sprinter 2023  
Jada Bennett Hurdles 2021  
Kaylin Brown Distance 2023  
Victoria Castillo Distance 2022  
Riliea Chambers Sprinter 2023  
Gabby Chiocca Distance  
Zamora Coll Sprinter 2021  
Miah Cooper Sprinter 2022  
Avery Cunniff Sprinter 2022  
Sophia Dean Sprinter 2023  
Alyssa Del Angel Sprinter 2023  
Skye Eastridge Sprinter 2023  
Brianna Ernest Sprinter 2022  
Haylie Eubank Distance 2022  
Joan Gavani Sprints 2023  
Amanda Green Throws 2022  
Olivia Guillermo Sprints 2023  
Taylor Hinojosa Hurdles 2022  
Chloe Hunt Distance 2022  
Diabra Jackson Jumps/Sprints 2023  
Asha Jarusinski Sprints 2023  
Amyah Johnson Sprints 2021  
Kelis Kearney Sprints/Jumps 2021  
Madyson Knight Sprinter 2023  
Sophia Kowalski Vaulter/Sprinter 2023  
Analiese Leo Distance 2023  
Katelyn McQuade Distance 2023  
Kylah Melancon Distance/Relays 2023  
Chloe Melchor Sprints 2021  
Trinity Miller Sprinter 2022  
Shyran Moore Sprinter 2022  
Naylani Myers-Goode Sprinter 2022  
Nicole Nguyen Jumper 2022  
Anaya Ownes Vaulter/Sprinter 2023  
Kiran Patel Distance 2023  
Destiny Pearson Sprinter 2023  
Katelyn Reid Hurdles/ Relyas 2023  
Jocelyn Salinas Vaulter/ Hurdles 2023  
Sarah Seay Sprinter 2021  
Samaria Stuard Sprinter 2022  
Trinity Suarez Throwers 2023  
Audrey Talley Distance 2023  
Cailey Turner Thrower 2022  
Lillie Wentrcek Sprinter 2023  
Luciana Whiteside Sprinter 2023  
Julia Zhang Distance 2023  


Name  POS Photo
James Higham Head Coach/Sprints.Vault  

Team Swoll donates 5 tractor tires to Girl's Track and Field

April 22, 2020   read more

UIL Suspends Season until further notice

March 23, 2020   read more

Girls Track Parent Meeting Tuesday Dec 10th

November 05, 2019   read more

Congrats to the Track All A and All A 1B Students for the 1st 9 Weeks

October 24, 2019   read more

Congrats to Leadership Counsel

October 23, 2019   read more

Don Harriman Relays Scheduled Feb 13th

September 30, 2019   read more
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Track Camp 2019
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